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Design Research Disseminations

For researchers in general, the so called “third assignment” – the mandatory task for academic researchers to continuously disseminate findings and results to society at large, as stipulated by Swedish higher education law – presents a challenge. And so also for design researchers. Design research might unfold through practice, in societal contexts, but where do results end up? What does it mean to disseminate findings or share new knowledge about design? How do the insights of doctoral dissertations find their way into society at large? Or should we rather turn the question around and ask to what extent the formulation of design research questions relate to society in the first place? Who is entitled to identify the issues in need of designerly exploration? And how can we intensify the dialogue between design research and design at large?

During this year’s Book Fair in Göteborg 24-27 sep and, the Design Faculty arranges its 36th PhD “internat” or gathering.  As a part of Forskartorget/The Research Square, and in collaboration with SVID and ArkDes, the Design Faculty will expose the outcomes of its eight years of development of Swedish design research education and discuss the future of design research on the doctoral and post-doctoral level. The field of design research has over the last fifty years developed immensely and has undergone several shifts, and today, design research spans a vast field, from artistically informed experimentation with form, function and materiality to the articulation of evidence based methodologies; from practice based enquires into the semantics of health services to the explorations of participatory formats for sustainable urban development. 

Set up as a national PhD school, financed by VR and with its formal residence at KTH, the Design Faculty has been part of and to a large extent also facilitated this development and expansion of design research. It is a width that also puts new demands on design research and research education, and 2015 will be the last year of activity for the Design Faculty in its current form.

While D! will come to an end new initiatives will follow. There is a continuous and growing demand for national and Nordic coordination of design research and research education. Building upon the D! experience, including existing engagement and networks, a new doctoral and post-doctoral platform for design research will take shape over the coming year. 

During the Book Fair, we therefore arrange several activities.

The Supervisors’ Summit will gather design research supervisors from D!s partner universities to exchange experiences and discuss the concrete proposals from the the D! Transformation Group about a new national and potentially Nordic design research platform. This meeting will be arranged before the start of the actual Book Fair and will include the public lecture of Ezio Manzini.

Internat#36 will gather the doctoral students for a collaborative investigation and discussion concerning the dissemination and circulation of design research, the importance of different dissemination formats including the printed dissertation, but also, with a hint to a new participatory and/or digitizing trend, on the dissemination of design research practice as such. The language at the internat will be both Swedish and English, as indicated in the tentative program (additional activities in Eng to be announced).

Accommodation will potentially be tricky during this week. Apart from regular hotels we suggest trying Le Mat B&B (,, Astonvilla (, friends and colleagues...

Registration: Send a mail to susanne [dot] helgeson [at] konstfack [dot] se no later than 7 September.

Preliminary programme:
Apart from the below listed events there is the entire Book Fair and Research Square program, including seminars, see

Maria Hellström Reimer (MHR), Stefan Holmlid (SHd), Mathilda Tham (MT), Henric Benech (HB), Lisbeth Svengren Holm (LSH)

Wednesday 23 September (Speakers MHR, SHd, MT)
13-16 Supervisors’ Summit, HDK, room 332
-- Presentation round
-- Short summary of D! 2008-2015
-- New Nordic initiative of coordinating PhD courses
-- Ongoing collaboration and fund raising initiatives
-- Presentation of ideas for new design research platform including activities 2016
-- Discussion
16-18 Public lecture: Professor Ezio Manzini, Politecnico di Milano
19 Dinner

Thursday 24 September, venue HDK room 338 (Stora Hörsalen) until lunch, then the Book Fair
10-11 Internat 36 - Disseminations, Introduction to theme and assignments (MHR, HB, LSH)
11-12 Formation of groups, preparation and discussions.
12-13.30 Lunch and relocation to the Book Fair.
13.30-13.50 Book presentation:  Heritage as Commons - Common(s) as Heritage (HB)
15.10-15.25 Dagböcker för en empirisk värld, Arr: SVID/LiU (in Swedish)
16.25-16.40 Att göra ett samhällsengagemang, Arr: Konstfack (in Swedish)
16.50-17.05 Design When Everybody Designs, Arr: Business and Design lab
19 Pecha Kucha arrangerat av ADA ( om kreativt entreprenörskap (in Swed.) more info on where is coming...

Friday 25 September, venue the Book Fair and HDK at 1-4 pm
9-10 Design When Everybody Designs – Design breakfast with Ezio Manzini, moderator Robin Edman, SVID
10-13 Design Faculty Dissertation Talks part I, presenting some of the 26 dissertations produced during the eight years of D!.
13-14.30 Making / Narratives, Mathilda Plöjel, graphic designer, and Niclas Östlind, curator, writer and PhD in photography, (N.B at HDK, room 310)
15-16 Artist Linda Shamma on hybridity (N.B at HDK, room 310)
15.35-15.50 Platsinnovation för nytänkande Arr: LTH/SVID (in Swedish)
17.40-17.55 Rätt ljus för hälsa och välbefinnande Arr: ÅF (in Swedish)
-18 Free roaming in groups                                             
19 Form Fest at Röhsska Museet

Saturday 26 September
10-13 Design Faculty Dissertation Talks part 2, presenting some of the 26 dissertations produced during the eight years of D! (at the Book Fair)
14-15 Work in groups (at HDK/Book Fair)
15-17 D! reassembly and presentations at HDK

Below you find a pdf with the last changes in the programme + participants.

Here you find the programme for SVID's People Powered Future acitivities during the fair.

There is a very interesting program of seminars and for those you need a special seminar card that you buy at the entrance.




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