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D! finding new ways in 2016

From 1st January 2016 the Swedish Faculty for Design Research and Research Education (Designfakulteten) will find new ways of carrying out our successful mission – to develop design as a field of knowledge in order to be able to respond to social, economic and technological challenges in society in a sustainable, innovative and aesthetically aware way. From our start in 2008 until now, 30 PhD students have successfully defended their thesis and another 53 are enrolled in our basic course. This website is our legacy and if you want to know more about our past and present, don’t hesitate to contact stefan [dot] holmlid [at] liu [dot] se (Chairman of D&R, the Swedish Design & Research Network).

The Design Research Award 2015...

...is awarded two new doctors in design, Anders Emilson and Helena Tobiasson. With backgrounds in areas outside of the design field, the two laureates present highly topical issues and relevant perspectives on design practice. Both show a strong social commitment, one concerning climate transition, the other concerning physical activity and work place conditions; commitments reflected in their experience-based and collaborative approaches. Read more here.

Good, usable news!

Just a click away is the new site Design Research, a service that helps you find and use design research in order to create new knowledge and new solutions. At the same time your searches are valuable to show how design research develop society. The service is a cooperation between D! and SVID, Swedish Industrial Design Foundation. Here it is: http://www.svid.se/designresearch

Två prefekter sökes till Konstfack

Den 1 januari 2016 inrättas två nya institutioner vid Konstfack; Institutionen för design, inredningsarkitektur och visuell kommunikation samt Institutionen för konsthantverk. Till dessa söks nu två prefekter för att leda verksamheten, sista ansökningsdag är den 26 november. Klicka här för mer information.

Opening Up Design

is the name of Guido Hermans thesis that he successfully defended 6 October at Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå. Professor Ron Wakkary, School of Interactive Arts & Technology and Simon Fraser University, Canada was opponent and the dissertation in industrial design focuses on the gap between the context of design and the context of use. It aims to open up design to the layperson and investigate an active role for the layperson in the design of everyday products. Read the abstract here and/or the whole dissertation here. And by the way – Guido Hermans is D!’s 30th Doctor and alumni. Congratulations!

Join us at the Gothenburg Book Fair!

The field of design research has over the last fifty years developed immensely and has undergone several shifts, and today, design research spans a vast field, from artistically informed experimentation with form, function and materiality to the articulation of evidence based methodologies; from practice based enquires into the semantics of health services to the explorations of participatory formats for sustainable urban development. During this year’s Book Fair in Göteborg 24-27 September, D! arranges its 36th PhD “internat”. As a part of Forskartorget/The Research Square, and in collaboration with SVID and ArkDes, D! will expose the outcomes of its eight years of development of Swedish design research education and discuss the future of design research on the doctoral and post-doctoral level. For a schedule, please take a look a the internat's programme. Welcome!

A new platform is launched

Manipulations is a platform for an ongoing investigation of the concept of manipulation, put together by two of D!’s students, Mahmoud Keshavarz and Eric Snodgrass, School of Arts and Communication, Malmö University. It includes a series of artistic and theoretical contributions covering a range of issues (design, violence, digital imaging, etc.), is open for further contributions and can act as a resource and point of contact for those interested in exploring the theme.

Eneberg and Emilson up for defence

Magnus Eneberg will defend his thesis Beyond the Product – Enabling design services in small and medium sized enterprises on 4 September at Designcentrum in Lund. The overall purpose of the thesis is to expand our understanding of design as an enabling service in the context of small and medium sized enterprises. On 9 September, Anders Emilson defends his Design in the space between stories: design for social innovation and sustainability – from responding to societal challenges to preparing for societal collapse at Malmö högskola. Among other questions Emilson tries to answer what design can offer in the transition from industrial civilization to a new society where we can both survive and thrive. Opponent is Ezio Manzini from Politecnico in Milan. The day after, 10 September, he and Emilson will continue exploring stories, design, sustainability, resilience, social innovation, democracy and futures through a number of activities.

Professor at Aalto University?!

Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture invites applications for Professor of Practice in Furniture Design. The position provides respected professionals with an opportunity to open new areas of teaching, research, artistic and/or professional work in Aalto University. This particular position is located at the Department Design and will mostly serve the Master's Programme in Product and Spatial Design. The Department of Design is an academic community of approximately 850 students, 70 doctoral students and 70 faculty members. The position is fixed-term for five years and can be filled in either on a full-time or a part-time basis. The position will begin on August 1st, 2016 or as agreed. Click for more info!

Three new PhD students – welcome!

Annika Olofsdotter Bergström from Blekinge Institute of Technology, Jeroen Peeters from The Interactive Institute and Vasiliki Tsaknaki from KTH. Annika’s research area is Feministic technoscience and game design and her research is asking questions about how pervasive games, as a process can explore how polyphonic experiences, bodies and radically different perspectives can create new knowledge in a physical location. Jeroen’s research explores how to design for engagement through aesthetics of interaction and he’s particularly interested in designs that emphasize a unity of mind and body and address a multitude of abilities. Vasiliki's preliminary title of her thesis is Crafting Interactions: the material and performative aspects of making and wearing. Her research interests include the combination of ‘natural’ materials with electronic components, but also ways of crafting such materials, using both traditional processes and digital fabrication tools.

Congratulations, our 27th doctor

in design Henrik Svarrer Larsen who successfully defended his thesis Tangible Participation – Engaging Designs & Designerly Engagements in Pedagogical Praxes. In his research Henrik Svarrer Larsen see the aim of design research programmes  as seeking and expressing alternatives by critical questioning and imaginations of change. In Larsen’s programme called Tangible Participation, such alternatives are articulated in a set of designs – suggestive “sketches” making the possible present. Johan Redström, professor at Umeå Institute of  Design, was opponent. Please read more here.

Get ready for our 35th internat,

4-6 May at Mälardalen University in Eskilstuna. The theme is Information Design and Visualization a topic with a range of angles to examine. In the global market visualizations are often used to overcome language obstacles and to support communication between different stakeholders, in addition they are often used to facilitate design processes. Visual representations externalize mental images and facilitate the dialogue in a design process and with stakeholders. What characterizes a visual representation is that it portrays things and shows abstract relations, and is therefore exceptional in relation to the spoken and written language. Read more + the programme here.

Rapport om designlabb att läsa!

Mötesplats Social Innovation har lanserat sin slutrapport om designlabb. Rapporten är en sammanställning av det arbete som de har gjort under 2014 där de tittat närmare på en globalt växande rörelse av designlabb som tacklar samhällsutmaningar. Mötesplats Social Innovation har undersökt hur design kan användas i allmänhet och labbformatet i synnerhet som en samverkansmodell för att vi ska kunna ta oss an komplexa utmaningar och utveckla sociala innovationer. Målet har varit att ta fram ett tydligt förslag för hur ett sådant designlabb skulle kunna byggas upp och drivas. Ladda ner rapporten här.

Welcome Danwei Tran Luciani,

who just joined the Design Faculty that currently has 54 students and 24 alumni. She has a position at the Department of Science and Technology, Linköping University, and her research topic is Design for immersive experiences. By conducting research through design Danwei Tran Luciani is trying to figure out what characteristics a sketching tool needs to have in order to support a creative process for professionals designing for an immersive experience. She's also investigating how to incorporate the non-linear aspect of sketching into content creation tools, how to sketch for interactions and what makes great collaborative sketching tools.

Three new PhD students, welcome!

The Design Faculty keeps attracting new students and we have the pleasure of welcoming Mia Hesselgren, Tim Overkamp and Stig Møller Hansen. Mia Hesselgren has a position at Green Leap at KTH and her research area is sustainable lifestyles. Industrial Design Engineer Tim Overkamp comes from Computer and Information Science at Linköping University where he’s studying service design and service implementation. Finally – our first Dane – Lecturer, Computational Designer Stig Møller Hansen from Aarhus University, Department of Aesthetics and Communication, Human and Information Technology, is researching on graphic design, computational thinking, toolmaking and code. Welcome!

Designing for Interactional Empowerment and Panel Session: IxD

Welcome to KTH for Anna Ståhls dissertation on Designing for Interactional Empowerment Friday 20 March and a unique opportunity to talk to some of the most influential IxD researchers later in the afternoon. Anna Ståhl’s thesis further defines how to reach Interactional Empowerment through design for users. Interactional Empowerment is an interaction design program within the general area of affective interaction, focusing on the users’ abil­ity to reflect, express themselves and engage in profound meaning-making. The panel discussion with leading IxD researchers Johan Redström, Erik Stolterman, Ramia Mazé and Jonas Löwgren, all closely connected to D!, will focus on research related to the shaping of interactive products and services, with a special focus on emerging interaction technologies and platforms.

Welcome to four research seminars,

before Helena Tobiasson’s PhD defense. At KTH, Friday March 13 in room 1625, Lindstedtsvägen 5, floor 6. The speakers are Professor Dag Svanaes, NTNU, Professor Christina Mörtberg, Linneaus university, Professor Kari Kuutti, university of Oulu, Finland and our Director – Professor Maria Hellström Reimer. Her talk, Tangible Thinking and Monetized Matter – the Ambiguous Alliances of Design Research will touch upon the increased differentiation and expansion of the idea and practice of ”design” and on what might be conceived as a germinating ambiguity as concerns the function of design; a notion that today might evoke mixed emotions. Read more about the content here.

Disciplinarity in Transition – welcome to our internat 34

25-26 March, organized in collaboration with the recently (re-) launched Openlab in Stockholm. The lab, as its name indicates, is open for potentially  inter-, multi-, trans- or extra-disciplinary encounters, for unexpected meetings and challenge-driven experimentation, “across the lines between different disciplines and professions”. What can this mean, for us, today? Is this a new trend or a necessary shift? What is the role of design and designers? In order to facilitate a dynamic debate within a widely expanding field of disciplines and institutions, three leading researchers from different fields will give their views and together with you, point out new directions in the contemporary context of Disciplinarity in Transition. Read the programme and sign up here.

Traces of Movement Exploring Physical Activity in Societal Settings

is the name of Helena Tobiasson's thesis with which she became our 24th Doctor in design 13 March, having her dissertation at KTH. How are we moving, or how much physical activities are present in societal settings such as eldercare units, schools, universities and offices? This general question was explored using different design-oriented approaches in four cases, with children, elderly, students and office workers. The results unveil a complexity of the problem area that initially seemed quite straightforward and are not only the insights gained through the analysed empirical observations but also include a physical activity-oriented design method called Physical Movement Sketching as well as experiences from using Movement Probes.

Position at Green Leap and design research at KTH

There is an open position as associate professor in technical design at KTH at the unit of product and service design and the department of machine design. The person will also be part of research in sustainability and design, innovation and norm critical design within Green Leap, a platform for design and sustainability. We are looking for applicants with a background in industrial design, product design or product design engineering, preferably  with a phd or professional skills in relevant areas. The position involves research and teaching mainly at the master program of Integrated product design. Deadline 4 March.

Dela/spara Dela eller tipsa

Designfakulteten grundades i december 2007 med finansiering från Vetenskapsrådet och KTH. Dess främsta verksamhet är att driva en nationell forskarskola i design i samarbete med ett 20-tal institutioner runt om i Sverige.

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