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Transportation design
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Interdisciplinary innovation process in automotive
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”Materials for innovative transportation design for improving traffic safety”.

Summary of planned research project (e.g. purpose, questions at issue, hypotheses, contents, articles, focus, and research plan).

This thesis explores the interplay between user oriented consumer research, product design and technical product development. The aim is to coordinate these recourses in order to gain a deeper understanding on the creation of innovation and design processes.

In a first stage the initiatives of the innovation development should be identified. Furthermore the scenario and the time frame in which the research will be undertaken, should be set. Taking into consideration aspects as infrastructure, environmental questions, as well as traffic safety to secure transport mobility and communication with in the social system.

 The intersection of the contributing innovators in their organization should be investigated, by that identifying challenging areas to be especially focused on. A following study of possibilities of using evaluation methods where a rating system can safeguard ideas for implementing traffic safety will also be conducted as part of this thesis work.

 This work includes the activities of: Identifying aspects of the interface between human factors and technology, conducting research on a physical, cognitive and emotional aspects of the user. Setting the findings of the capability of perception and assimilation of the driver in relation to the interaction, action and reaction studies of the driver with the car and traffic. Evaluation of the innovation needed to detect and support the condition and behaviour of the driver to prevent traffic accidents for improving traffic safety. Identifying the initiators and the point of innovation needed. Defining the target of the innovations with focus on materials as an innovating factor for technical and design innovations.

 The possibilities of materials to innovate transportation design concepts in structure, form and approach for the customer should be investigated. Looking into the correlation and collaboration of the initiators and their interdisciplinary linking. Resulting in a more general research question on how transportation design in total, interaction, material, product design can express, influence and improve traffic safety within a multidisciplinary network.

The aim is to set the advantage of the innovative transportation design in relation to a personal, communal, an environmental and economic improvement regarding traffic safety.

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Designfakulteten grundades i december 2007 med finansiering från Vetenskapsrådet och KTH. Dess främsta verksamhet är att driva en nationell forskarskola i design i samarbete med ett 20-tal institutioner runt om i Sverige.

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