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Licentiat: Conceptualising Prototypes in Service Design
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Defended his thesis 6 May, 2014.

My work has focussed on describing prototyping practices, approaches, and conceptualisations in service design. The research leading up to the licentiate thesis was mainly conducted with a descriptive approach, with both interviews and observations of service design practice. The thesis, as the title suggests, is a conceptualisation showing that service prototyping is considered an important part of service designers’ work, but that most approaches to prototyping services are not suited to representing whole services. Rather, a quite traditional approach to prototyping was observed in most cases. This lead to a call for more specific service prototyping approaches that address specific features of services as opposed to other design objects.

Building on the research in the licentiate a number service prototyping approaches have been identified and studied since then, building on concepts that were introduced in the licentiate. These are mainly the fidelity and validity of service prototypes, which influence what kind of knowledge can be generated and how much can be inferred from prototyping. Service sketches, service walkthroughs, and live service prototypes have been proposed as techniques for representing and exploring future services. The ability of zooming in and out on specific service moments or physical representations and considering them in relation to each other and the whole service is highlighted and further explored in my work.


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