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Feminist Technoscience and Design
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Imagining socio-material controversies – a feminist technoscientific practice of methodology, action and change
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New technologies are changing our every-day experiences of how we interact, play, learn and evolve. For better and worse. Mobile technologies are useful for providing vital healthcare information in remote areas, and yet they can be used for activating a bomb. Digital games are engaging with our fantasies of who we are and what we can become, and yet it is a multi-milliard industry prone to very static norms of humanity in their product line. Many development policies still reside in a top-bottom way of thinking and leave little room for co-development. Various stakeholders in the tech industry are pushing technology and development in a continued direction of exclusion and power imbalance.

If we imagine another reality with another set of stakeholders - Who could they be and how would their reality immerse with participation, democracy and equality? What would the design process look like? 

In my research I explore the critical practices of mobile technologies, digital games and development. Which role can design Things and feminist technoscience play when imagining socio-material realities? Realities that imply multiple futures and that explicitly collide politics with research practices. My empirical material is intermeshed between everyday actions and epistemological concerns. I experiment with various participatory methods to address commonalities and differences, and foremost controversies, in the infrastructuring of mobile technologies and digital games.

I’m using Donna Haraway’s cyborg figuration to explore the embodiment of human and non-human actors as well as the hybridization of social innovation processes.  The research project also explores the hierarchies of development practices from an intersectional perspective.

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Designfakulteten grundades i december 2007 med finansiering från Vetenskapsrådet och KTH. Dess främsta verksamhet är att driva en nationell forskarskola i design i samarbete med ett 20-tal institutioner runt om i Sverige.

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