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The Swedish Faculty for Design Research and Research Education, Designfakulteten, counts more than 50 PhD candidates from many different fields. The school is constructed around a cycle of meetings constituting the basic course that gives an introduction to different topics, theories and approaches within design research, and aims to provide all candidates with a common ground, irrespective of background and research focus. The overall objective is to collaboratively develop an epistemological and methodological consciousness and open for critical reflection concerning design research, its relation to other forms of research as well as to the design professions. The meetings are based on the active commitment from students and the readiness to contribute through their own projects to a creative dialogue where different approaches and subjects can intersect. Apart from readings and reading summaries, the course depends on active participation and recurrent presentation of the doctoral project.

In addition to the basic course, we also offer advanced courses and a possibility to form special interest groups around certain issues, including other forms of individual or collective support.

Points. You will get a total of 18 hp for the basic course. Each meeting (internat) will give you 2 hp, totally 16 hp for all meetings. This includes a presentation of your work for us all at one occasion and also an effort as opponent at another presentation. The requirement for the last 2 hp is a shorter essay on your relation to design research, based on readings and seminars. It may take up any of the themes during the course that you are specifically interested in and that can be used as part of your work with the thesis. It must not be extensive (about 4-5 pages) but has to be presented and discussed during one of the meetings, probably in your seminar group. Read more about it here.

During our annual four meetings (internat), the candidates are divided into three seminar groups: 

1. Design in product and service development. Examples of interests: Design thinking, design management, innovation, technology, participation, scenarios, design processes, evaluation, psychology, economy.

2. Design and social innovation. Examples of interests:  cultural differences,  critical design, hacktivism, urban and sustainable development, public space, health care, education, development, cultural studies, anthropology.

3. Design praxis and experimentation. Examples of interests: design theory and philosophy, applied aesthetics, representation, visualization, simulation, conceptual development, interdisciplinarity, design practice, critical design, artistic research, etc.

During the 3-day workshops (internat) attended by doctoral students D! pays for hotel and major meals. The educational institution pays the trip.


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Designfakulteten grundades i december 2007 med finansiering från Vetenskapsrådet och KTH. Dess främsta verksamhet är att driva en nationell forskarskola i design i samarbete med ett 20-tal institutioner runt om i Sverige.

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