Internat 25, Linköping


Cognitive Science and Design

26-28 November, 2012
House E, Campus Valla, Linköping university

Design practice and design research have a long tradition in relying on and relating to concepts and theories from cognitive science, most notably in the digital domain where insights from cognitive science laid the fundaments which interaction design and its modern reincarnations was built upon.

Still, many designers lack a basic understanding of cognitive science and even confuse it with cognitivism! At this internat you will be introduced to a contemporary view of cognition, where external representations are part of integrated whole, where constructivist and socio-cultural perspectives are important. You will listen to how a designer relies on cognitive science as a foundation to design practice, and how design and cognitive science can be combined in research.

During this internat you will be given a fundament in cognitive science, and a possibility to apply and try some of that in a design exercise that will focus on service. We will not dive deep into the realm of service, but you will use some of the cognitive science tools to think with and to direct your way of seeing.

Monday, November 26
Room: Alan Turing

13.30 Welcome and introduction
14.00 Introduction to cognitive science – Nils Dahlbäck, LiU
15.00 Coffee break

15.30 Cognitive science and design – Stefan Holmlid, LiU
16.15 Cognitive science as foundation for design practice – Jenny Johansson, Usify
17.00 Socialising and buffet style dinner

Tuesday, November 27
Room: Alan Turing until 13.30, then Frimurarehotellet

9.00 Student presentations
                - 9.00 Mads Høbye: "Designing for homo explorens"
                - 9.30 Jennie Andersson Schaffer: “Spaces for innovation – a photoelicitated study in  three manufacturing companies and at IDEO”
                - 10.00 Coffee break
                - 10.30 Mathias Nordvall: "The third Modality of Computer Game Design"
11.00 Feedback and general discussion of presentations. Guests comments: Karin Ackerholm, Magnus Bång

12.00 Lunch

13.15 Introduction to design workshop
13.30 Design workshop including transport to Frimurarehotellet in workshop groups
                - Coffee available from 15.15 outside workshop rooms
17.00 Presentation of workshop outcomes at Frimurarehotellet
19.00 Dinner at Frimurarehotellet

Wednesday, November 28
Room: Alan Turing

9.00 Seminar groups

10.20 Coffee break
10.40 Feedback session
11.00 Emotive Science – Daniel Västfjäll, LiU

12.00 Lunch for those staying on for the annual meeting

13.15 Design Thinking in Australia– Zaana Howard, Swinburne University
14.00 D&R annual meeting

D&R annual meeting is expected to last for 2h after which there will be a joint dinner downtown Linköping (close to train station) for those interested.


We're staying at Frimurarehotellet. And bus 12 takes us from the Station to Campus Valla, please see the storyboard below!

Below you find reading instructions and a reading list for Internat 25 in Linköping. All articles are now available online. If you don't find the first two, copied from a book, please contact fabian [dot] segelstrom [at] liu [dot] se

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