Internat 26, Malmö

29–31 January 2013

Re-Assembling the Social

Venue: Malmö University/Medea, Östra Varvsgatan 11 A, bus no 8 from the Central Station, direction Västra Hamnen, stop Ubåtshallen (10 min walk)

Bus tickets: mobile phone ticket by texting MAV to 72040 before boarding

29 jan                         

13-13.30                      Introduction

13.30-15                      lecture by Torben Elgaard Jensen, Aalborg Universitet København,

                                      Institut for læring og filosofi

15.00-15.30                coffee break

15.30-19.00                Reading Latour – discussions in seminar groups (including snacks)

19.30                            Buffet at Medea


30 jan

9-11.45                        workshop – Mapping controversies  - Alex Wilke, Goldsmiths                     

12-13.30                      soup lunch with performance at Skånes Dansteater


13.30-15                      PhD presentations:

Zeenath Hassan – 
Participation as an Act of Mediation

Henrik Svarrer Larsen – 
Tangible Participation; Programmatic Design Research and Design
Engagements in a Pedagogical Praxis

15-15.30                      coffee break

15.30-17.30                Doing Latour - Panel discussion-

                 Mette Agger, Malmö University

                 Joachim Halse, Danish Design School

                 Jonas Moll, Copenhagen University

                 Alex Wilkie, Goldsmiths University


17.30-19.00                Doing Latour discussions in seminar groups (including snacks)                                                                                                       

20.00 -                           Dinner at Grand Öl och Mat, Monbijougatan 17;

                            , bus 8 to Triangeln + 5 min walk

31 jan

9-10.45                        Latourian discourse– dicussion in seminar groups with focus on

                                      the critique of Latour

10.45-11.15                coffee break

11.15-12                      Disseminating Research – The Design Research Journal

                                     Eva-Karin Anderman, SVID

12-13.30                      Lunch


13.30-17                      NORDES Common Meeting


Short on the lecturers:

Torben Elgaard Jensensresearch embraces a variety of public, socio-material arrangements, user-driven innovation and the digital mapping of public knowledge controversies. He recently published the book Bruno Latour : Hybrid thoughts in a hybrid world(Routledge, 2012).

Mette Agger Eriksen is a post-doc researcher at Malmö University, currently engaged in trans-disciplinary research on collaborative methods and co-designing practices in urban transition processes. She defended her thesis Material matters in co-designing : formatting & staging with participating materials in co-design projects, events & situationsin 2012.

Joachim Halse earned his Ph.D. in Design Anthropology researching how design ideas can be performed early in the design process, his most current research on this topic published in the book Rehearsing the Future (2010) co-edited with Brandt, Clark and Binder.

Jonas Moll, postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Computer Science
who in his research explores how to design and research healthcare IT. In 2012 Jonas defended his thesis Prototyping Matters of Concern.

Alex Wilkie is a member of the Interaction Research Studio at Goldsmiths since 2006, exploring computational technology and the politics of participation at the intersection between design and science and technology studies. In 2010 he defended his thesis User Assemblages in Design: An Ethnographic Study.  Copenhagen University



Bruno Latour (2005) Reassembling the social: an Introduction to Actor–Network Theory. New York, Oxford: University Press.

Bruno Latour (2010) ”An Attempt at a Compositionist Manifesto – a Prologue in the form of an Avatar”.



Learning outcomes:

After the meeting, the candidate should be able to

  • explain the basic concepts and arguments of actor-network theory, including the potential critique that has been raised against it
  • give examples of how actor-network theory has been applied or referred to within design research


We stay at Park Inn Hotel, Sjömansvägen 2, close to Malmö högskola. Check out a map here. To get there from the central station, walk or take bus number 3 and get off at Propellergatan. 






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