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Social innovations

27–29 January, Stockholm at Konstfack

If you weren't there, see the Tuesday symposium through Konstfack's site here.

Monday 27, 13.00, room E1. Workshop: "The Purgatory of Social Design"  with Otto von Busch and Christina Zetterlund. And a doctoral presentation.

Graphic designer Milton Glaser once created a design test he called “The Road to Hell”. When working on a design for the Purgatory in Dante’s Divine Comedy and he came to think of its relevance for design today as an ethical mirror of our own design choices. "Frankly, I never quite understood the difference between Hell and Purgatory. As you may know, the difference is simply that those in Hell are not aware of what put them in Hell and are doomed to be there forever. Those in Purgatory are aware of their sins and consequently have the possibility of getting out by moving to a higher plane. This fact immediately made Purgatory more relevant to me, in part, because Purgatory is where most of us are right now. In any event, awareness of what we actually do in life seems worth thinking about."

All design is a form of manipulation of systems, energies and matter. In Glaser’s example, it is the manipulation of graphics, but also of attention, memory, labour, well-being, and ultimately; life and death.  As designers start working with social empowerment and social design we must be aware that we are still manipulating systems, yet this time it is the “material” is that of loyalty and social life itself. What are the consequences?

If Glaser is right, we are in Purgatory right now, and we have the opportunity to critically examine our work before we set yet another stone of "good intentions" on the well-paved road to hell.

In the workshop we will produce a collaborative map of Social Design Purgatory and perhaps  get a glimpse through at least one of the seven gates of Hell.

15.00 Coffee

16.30 Doctoral presentation, Helena Kraff

17.15ish A guided tour of Konstfack

18.00 Dinner at Konstfack


Tuesday 28, Svarta Havet: Designing Publics, Publics Designing: Design roles in social innovation. Please see pdf below for detailed info.

09:30 Mingle with coffee and tea

10:00 Welcome, Per-Anders Hillgren, release of Design ABC by Forum for Social Innovation Sweden, Louisa Szücs Johansson

10:15 Stephan Vincent ”Design in the public sector”

11:15 Andrea Botero and Per-Anders Hillgren “Public & Collaborative”, dialog with Maria Hellström Reimer

12:15 Lunch (D! students get coupons for lunch at Addfood, "behind" Konstfack)

13:15 ”Architectural and critical dimensions of urban social innovation”, Katja Grillner, Hélene Frichot, Meike Schalk and others, in dialog with Ramia Mazé

14:15 “Designing Publics, Publics designing”, panel with all speakers, moderated by Catharina Gabrielsson

15:00 Closure and for D! students a quick summing up.

17.00 Gathering in the lobby of Hotell Scandic Malmen at Medborgarplatsen for a 20-minute-walk to Fotografiska where we will have a guided tour and dinner.


Read the publication Public and Collaborative – Exploring the Intersection of Design, Social Innovation and Public Policy, eds. Eduardo Staszowski and Ezio Manzini, with contributions by among others Per-Anders Hillgren and Andrea Botero. 

Wednesday 29, room S4: a doctoral presentation by Andrew Whitcomb and lecture on Design experiments & Pragmatism with Anna Rylander.

9.00 Doctoral presentation, Andrew Whitcomb

9.45 Design experiments & Pragmatism, Anna Rylander

10.45 Coffee

12ish Lunch

Please read Pragmatism and Design Research – An Overview, by Anna Rylander. 

You're staying at Scandic Malmen, Götgatan 49, Medborgarplatsen, Södermalm.

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