Course in Interaction Design

Advanced course

Dissecting interaction design: The anatomy of Ph.D. dissertations

Deadline for application to the course: September 11. See below.

The course is intended for PhD students to engage in critical study of
contemporary design-oriented PhD dissertations related to interaction
design, and in academic discourse of the kind that is normally
performed around PhD dissertations.

We focus on nine contemporary PhD dissertations in interaction design
or related to interaction design. The dissertations are selected to
represent exemplary and influential work across a broad spectrum of
methodological and conceptual approaches within the field.

In order to maximize relevance for PhD students in Sweden and Denmark,
all the selected dissertations come from these countries. They are all
written in English, and the course is also given in English.

The course consists of three seminars at the School of Arts and
Communication (K3), Malmö University. At each seminar, you will
participate as respondent or opponent in a role-played dissertation
defense around one of the dissertations.

Seminar #1: Monday, Sept 26, 11:00--17:00.
- Three role-played dissertation defenses.
- Synthesis: Concluding reflection and discussion of overall themes.

Seminar #2: Tuesday, October 25, 11:00--17:00.
- Three role-played dissertation defenses.
- Synthesis.

Seminar #3: Monday, December 5, 13:00 to Tuesday, December 6, 12:00.
- Three role-played dissertation defenses.
- Opportunity to meet with some of the dissertation authors.
- Synthesis.
- Discussion of implications and insights for own PhD work.

(Seminar #3 is planned back-to-back with the Swedish Faculty for
Design Research and Research Education gathering on December 6--8.)

Between the seminars, we will use a shared online environment to
communicate around course topics, prepare for joint presentations,
etc. Details on this to be announced.

The course is open to PhD students in interaction design and other
related subjects. For PhD students associated with the Faculty for
Design Research and Research Education, it is offered as an advanced

Credits: 7.5 ECTS.

Teachers and examiners are Pelle Ehn and Jonas Löwgren of K3, Malmö University.

Full description of the course and abstracts of the selected
dissertations can be found at

Apply to join the course by sending an email to jonas [dot] lowgren [at] mah [dot] se
no later than September 11. In the email, provide a brief resume or
introduction of yourself, including information on the subject of your
PhD studies and what your own PhD plans look like. Also, indicate
which one of the Seminar #1 dissertations (von Busch, Håkansson or
Landin) you would prefer to focus on.

We will get back to you no later than September 14 with notification
of whether you are accepted to the course, and the dissertation and
role (respondent or opponent) you have been assigned to for Seminar
#1. This will give you twelve days for preparations, which is
hopefully workable.


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